Template:LocationThe Perseus Arm is one of the arms of the spiral galaxy known as the Milky Way. The Perseus Arm is the closest arm to the Solar System and Earth. The arm is mostly divided between the Rebel Alliance and The Galactic Empire of the Milky Way, though smaller factions, such as Dienhand's Fleet, also control regions of the arm. The entire region is affected by the Flux of Terra Flux, which causes the culture and events of another universe to influence the culture and events of the NeSiverse. The closer to the flux the more the people are changed. Due to the presence of the constantly battling Empire and Rebels, the arm and its denizens are in a state of perpetual fighting. One major event was the destruction of the planet Algernon, which both sides blamed the other. The Empire, however, began to break up into separate splinter groups when Grand Admiral Thrawn was killed in his attempt to take the Earth. With the balance more divided than ever the job of the Æon Knights of Tangris have act as mediators in disputes time and time again. The Æon Knights call the planet Tangris home and are completely neutral in the politics of the arm.

The Galactic Empire of the Milky Way

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The Galactic Empire of the Milky Way, usually simply called "The Empire", is a faction mostly contained within the Perseus Arm and is influenced by the flux of Terra Flux to become similar to the Galactic Empire[Ext Ref 1] of of the Star Wars[Ext Ref 2] universe. The empire is governed by a president and has a large fleet using typical Star Wars ships, such as TIE fighters[Ext Ref 3] and Star Destroyers[Ext Ref 4]. The head of the fleet is known as the Grand Admiral and the former person to hold that title was Grand Admiral Thrawn who tried to conquer the Earth but was killed by the Humans there. After the death of Thrawn, the Empire, already on shaky foundations, began to rumble from within and many admirals and captains broke off to form their own factions, such as Deonal Strang. The Empire mostly consists of humans and only very near-human alien species would be permitted any kind of status within the Empire. This causes much animosity towards the Empire and many aliens join the Rebel Alliance to oppose the Empire's racist policies.

The Rebel Alliance

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The Rebel Alliance is a faction within the Perseus Arm that is influence by the flux of Terra Flux to become like the Alliance to Restore the Republic[Ext Ref 5] of the Star Wars[Ext Ref 2] universe.


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