Perennial Ship refers to the tree-like ships that belong to the Jupiterian Republic (and the Jupiterian Empire before it). They have sleek wood designs but their main power source is an actual tree, usually one that appears like an oak tree, that will activate when going to warp speed. The ships fire powerful beam weapons that cut through matter. As the Jupiterians are usually unwilling to wage wars, their perennial ships are normally for defensive purposes, but under the command of Admiral Ltexi many ships were used in an attack upon Earth.


Exterior Appearance

Perennial Ships are made of wood and have a sleek, polished design. Each ship has its own individual tree that acts as its power source. Though most of these power-tree appear like oak trees, there are other varieties seen. When a ship jumps to warp speed, the tree's leaves begin to glow white with beams of blue and red raining down from each leaf towards the ship itself. Then, in a matter of seconds, the ship is engulfed in this strange energy before it vanishes from the area[Pan 1].

Interior Appearance

The interior of the ship is also made of polished wood[Pan 1].



Each ship has an individual power-tree that provides power for the ship, including its warp capabilities. When it jumps to warp speed the tree's leaves will glow white and thin beams of red and blue light will fall upon and engulf the hull of the ship to send it to warp[Pan 1].

Beam Weapons



Britt's Commentary

"The perennial ships are loosely based on the concept of the Jurian Treeships[Ext 1] from the Tenchi Muyo[Ext 2] series. The term 'perennial'[Ext 3] refers to plants that live over two-hundreds years." ~ Britt the Writer


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