The Pantheon of Indra refers to the twelve gods of Indra, worshipped and admired by the Indran people. Each god is very unique and they represent their own unique domains within the culture of the Indrans.


Trijara resides in The Tandras mountains where Kolaji, the smallest mountain at the centre of the range, holds up his temple. He is a solitary god that prefers his own company and so the Indrans stay away from the temple out of respect for him. He keeps a library of data-moulds in temple, not one to shy away from technology, and researches keenly, seeking knowledge or wisdom. His skin is bright red and he burns with heat, stored within him. Any who near him feel his radiance. He wears a blue robe with a fur trim and the pattern on the robe are sketchy mountains - depicting the Tandras outside. He has white eyes, no iris or pupil. He enjoys smoking sticks and his lips are noted as being red like his skin[Pan 1]. To other gods, such as Jitarayara, Trijara is too slow in his methods to quickly resolve a crisis[Pan 2].

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Jitarayara can be found in The Kiri, a hexagonal building at the centre of Kajadat - city of automata. He is a god of creating many wonders of Indra. Machines, sacred objects, mystical talismans. He figure is made of blocks - square head, square body, square feet. He has six arms in total - two from his torso and two that reach up and over from his back. On each hand are ten fingers that are constantly wiggling, eager for work. When he speaks his voice sounds as though there are three or four voices, each speaking a different language. He always speaks in statements, never in questions[Pan 2]. He has a short temper and may even argue with other gods of the pantheon[Pan 3].

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Kamal is located in Penumbra where she has the Temple of Kamal on a floating disc to herself. Indra Hour, where the lights of the city are shut off during an eclipse[Pan 4], was her design. She is one of the tallest gods of Indra, towering over its buildings and people. Her body is made of stone, except her white eyes which are forever burning and staring, unblinkingly. She is quite square-shaped and her joints are made of marble for smoother motion. She has two heads, one eternally looking forward while the other looks back into the past. Her front facing head wears a crown of three peacock feathers while the head facing backwards wears a crown of petite clovers. Her back is replaced with a second set of stone breasts and a stomach, giving the illusion of two people stood back-to-back; yet they share the same two legs that are forever able to march forward but never turn to walk backwards. She wears a green and white robe that hangs loosely upon her grey frame. When she speaks her lips open but do not move to create her words. Despite the prophecy that the planet would be destroyed, she stands adamantly in defiance of it, seeking ways to thwart it. She stands for patriotism for Indra and when Indrans are around her they feel that their planet is the most wonderful gift to the universe[Pan 5]. She doesn't believe in idleness and that everyone should be forever moving somewhere[Pan 6].

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Pesu can be found in Attallaj Valley, the sovereign city of the Apojiva Valleys[Pan 6]. There is the Ziggurat of Pesu, standing on the edge of the city and much older than it or any other city in the valleys. He is one of the few gods to be Indran-sized. However he is quite unlike any living Indran as he is an animated skeleton. He wears a cloak and keeps the hood up. When standing he is usually hunched over like an old man. Pesu is constantly flickering and glitching as he is only half in reality and half elsewhere. He believes in punishment and is also stubborn in such methods, even in defiance of other gods. He is calm and cool, even in the face of anger, yet also arrogant[Pan 3].

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Ovai is a tall tower that looks like a pagoda. He is, however, a god. He thinks to himself but rather than speak he influences those in his presence, usually into sexual promiscuity and joy[Pan 7].

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Like most gods of Indra, Maharashtak has white eyes. She often wears a patronising smile, considering Indrans as her children. She wears sky blue robe with elements of decorative armour that is meant to be reminiscent of the armour of a Kara. On her feet are sandals that are fastened high up her legs. Her tendrils are tied up with ribbons that are coloured sky blue like her robe. Her skin is very dark blue except the bulb on her head, which is pink - the cultural colour used to symbolise all Indran babies. She allows Indrans to kiss her head, giving them blessing for their children. When children come she will kiss their heads in blessing. When parents offer up their babies, she blesses them so that they will have healthy and content lives as children. When a mother is in danger during pregnancy, they will go to the Indran Cathedral so that Maharashtak can help them give birth safely - better than the hospitals. She is the patron of Indrakata, having left her original home in Jaravinjia Isles. She never stands on solid ground and forever floats at least several inches above it. She partakes in festivals with her people and she is considered a servant to Indrans rather than they being her servant - which is the general sentiment the people of Inrakata hold for all the gods. She believes in the spirit of Indrans and their ability to succeed and accomplish great things, which led to the Family Remembrance Festival. She also shares her cathedral with the minor deities and their shrines, including the God of Jam Doughnuts[Pan 8].

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Kavili was once a god of Indra who strove at creation of metalworks and divine workmanships. She left Indra, however, to pursue the greatest forge at the centre of the NeSiverse. She has six arms, each wielding a different tool, and labours day and night without rest. Though commonly perceived as a teacher, she does not teach but people learn through observation. She was ambitious and determined, forever striving to reach her goal. She resided within a volcano which she destroyed with her mighty spacecraft when headed towards the centre of the NeSiverse - that now being a water-filled crater[Pan 9] commonly known as Loch Kavili (citation needed).

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Minor Deities

There are a few minor deities of Indra that have worked their way into the fabric of Indran culture. These gods are usually gods of seemingly insignificant roles and are never seen but only experienced through their divine actions. These gods are given some worship and offerings in the shrine room of the Indran Cathedral. Unbeknownst to the Indrans, some of these minor deities actually exist elsewhere in the NeSiverse and may even be superior gods of those realms in which they bodily reside[Pan 8].


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