Pan Post 91 has Highemperor and his daughter Chimaat studying holograms of their latest conquests in the Stronghold of Powerplayers. Knightlord Thorn enters with bad news - the mysterious Space Bus Driver has struck again and killed five of Highemperor's Daughters. While Highemperor is outraged, Chimaat doesn't care as there are so many of them. Highemperor believes it is beneath him to stoop down to chasing a bus driver. Chimaat only becomes enraged when Knightlord Thorn reveals the bus driver also ran over a crop of turnips.


Hit and Run

In the top of the tallest tower of the Stronghold of Powerplayers, the massive and palatial citadel in the High Empire's capital, Highemp and his daughter Chimaat pore over some holograms of newly conquered territory. Their war planning is interrupted when Knightlord Thorn strides in.

Knightlord Thorn: Highemp, I have bad news.

Highemp raises an eyebrow, unperturbed. Being a nigh-omnipotent uber powerplaying emperor-deity means that nearly any sort of 'bad news' is easily rectified.

Highemp: Yes?

Knightlord Thorn: Five of your daughters have been killed.

Highemp: What, again? I'll resurrect them immediately. Which ones?

Chimaat: It hardly matters, Daddy. My sisters are a dime a dozen.

Highemp: But how did they die? It takes quite a lot to kill my offspring, let alone five of them.

Knightlord Thorn: The Space Bus Driver has struck again.

Highemp and Chimaat both recoil in horror.

Highemp: The fiend! What baffles me is, why would anyone go to the trouble of procuring a multiversal transport only to target my daughters?

Chimaat: The more pressing question is, why would they make said multiversal transport look like a bus?

Knightlord Thorn looks askance at Chimaat but makes no comment.

Highemp: Have our forces caught the Space Bus Driver yet?

Knightlord Thorn: Unfortunately not. His space bus is powered by tasseoline - rather than gasoline or nuclear fusion or anything else - and one of tea's little-known properties, as well you know, is to dampen powerplaying abilities.

Highemp: Much like frying pans...

He winces at a memory that Thorn and Chimaat are not privy to.

Chimaat: But Daddy, you're powerful enough that no tea could stop you! Why don't you capture or kill the Space Bus Driver?

Highemp: How would it look if I personally had to step in to deal with a damn bus driver???

Knightlord Thorn: A fair point, sire.

Chimaat: And after all, they're only a few sisters among how many thousands anyway?

Knightlord Thorn: ...the Space Bus Driver also ran over a field of turnips.

Chimaat: I'LL KILL THAT *******!!!

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