Pan Post 69 looks at the battles between super gods within the Clash of the 'Ages of the week event for the The Imperia Amphitheater. Gigagod is defeated by Teradeity due to Teradeity possessing immense power thanks to his followers. His next opponent is the Ordimarian God who cuts Teradeity off from his worshippers and reveals that he has amassed great power without worshippers for centuries.


Gigagod vs Teradeity

Gigagod hurls his spiked hammer through the air, which erupts in flame as its tremendous speed burns the very air around it. The divine weapon slams into Teradeity's chest with an almighty explosion that sends shockwaves resonating through the entire Arena. The crowds cheer and whoop, whereas others hold their breath tensely - waiting to see if Teradeity is down.

Gigagod: Behold, the unleashed fury of my Voidstone Hammer! Crafted from pure black-ambrosia essence, it destroys all in my path!

But the smoke clears, and Teradeity is standing there, unharmed.

Gigagod: What? But how?

Teradeity: I am a thousand times more powerful than you, Gigagod, with a thousand times the number of worshippers.

Teradeity summons a storm of divine energy, which thunders from the clear sky atop Gigagod. Gigagod throws up a divine forcefield, but it cracks under the strain before shattering completely.

Aryst Omnistellae, Best in All the Stars: ENOUGH!

The divine firestorm is extinguished, and Gigagod lays unconscious on the arena ground, blackened and burnt.

Aryst Omnistellae, Best in All the Stars: Teradeity is clearly superior by far. I declare him the victor of the match, and offer this challenge. You are ready to ascend to Tier 5....IF you can defeat the champion of Tier 6 first...

Teradeity: I am ready, my lord!

Announcer: Prepare yourself for the almighty, the undefeated, the indomitable.... GOD OF ORDIMAR!!!!

The crowd goes wild, as the extremely powerful God of the planet Ordimar appears in the Arena with a brilliant flash of color.

Teradeity: My worshippers! Raise your hands and lift your souls in praise of me! Let my power swell with your worship, that I may smite this pretender deity!

The Ordimarian God scoffs.

God of Ordimar: I have been without worshippers for eons, ruling over a dead world, yet my personal power is unmatched! Let's see how great yours is without your own worshippers!

Lines of color crack the air around Teradeity before disappearing, and he recoils in horror.

Teradeity: You...cut me off from my worshippers! How did you do that?

God of Ordimar: Defeat me, and maybe I'll tell you...

With a roar, Teradeity charges the Ordimarian God, who rushes forward to meet him in the latest Clash of the 'Ages of the week!



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