In Urbis Imperia, Knightlord Thorn seeks out Kim in the palatial citadel. He finds Kim has a big cone around his neck and he asks what happened. Kim explains that one of Highemperor's wives was in heat and tried to have sex with Kim. Highemperor arrived just before it took place but sent Kim to the vet to be neutered. Thorn hands ice cream to Kim, from the Ice Cream Universe, for comfort and assures Kim it's probably for the best, fearing his children would be too annoying.



Back at Urbis Imperia Knightlord Thorn stomps into the palatial citadel, distracted by the many statues of Highemeperor that leer down at him from their numerous perches. He enters one of the far wings of the palace and finds his quarry, sitting on a bed and sulking to himself. Knightlord Thorn eyes the big cone around Kim's head.

Kim looks up at Thorn with big, teary eyes.

Kim: "Did you bring some?"

Thorn holds out the bag he's carrying. It contains ice cream from the Ice Cream Universe that the High Empire conquered a long time ago. After all, ice cream is obviously an essential resource for any empire. Kim pops open the tub and struggles to get the spoon to his face without knocking the cone.

Knightlord Thorn: "Why was this ordered?"

Kim sulks again.

Kim: "It's not my fault. One of the boss's wives was in heat and I was there and she-- she-- grabbed me!"

Knightlord Thorn: "Usually he powergames that his wives are all dutiful and will only sleep with him..."

Kim: "I guess the universe decided to play a joke on me then because she did. And no sooner did she than he burst in through the wall and sent me... sent me... to the vet..."

Knightlord Thorn folds his arms and shakes his head.

Knightlord Thorn: "Probably for the best anyway, Kim. Any children you produced would be infernally annoying."

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