In Pan Post 26, Morganna le Fay has destroyed her precious magical island of Avalon as requested by King Arthur in Pan Post 25. When she reaches Tintagel castle, however, Sir Bedivere tells her that Merlin the Younger has already figured out how to power Arthur's Camelot without needing the power of the island. After Arthur jokes about having sex with her, she wakes up from her terrible dream.


Morganna took a deep, shuddering breath, as she finished walking around Avalon, for the last time. Her island. Her home.

She raised her hands, calling on the spirits of the earth, bending them to her will. The island of apples quaked and trembled, shattering to debris, to rock, to dirt, to dust, and then to nothingness, until only its primal magic remained. Morganna gathered the magic into a tiny pebble, which glowed, and held it tightly in her hand, before returning to Tintagel with a tiny heart.

Morganna: It is done.

Arthur and the others look up at her.

Merlin the Younger: What's done?

Morganna: I have... destroyed Avalon.

Sir Bedivere: Oh, didn't you get the memo? Merlin already found us a way to power the spaceship. No need to destroy your island.

Morganna: ...........

Arthur: Oh, by the way, I've decided to shag you again!

Morganna: :O

Arthur: Just kidding!


Suddenly, Morganna snaps out of her dream, waking up in a cold sweat.

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