Pan Post 134 takes place in Chimaat's Chambers in the Stronghold of Powerplayers in Urbis Imperia where Dave has been left since Pan Post 127 by Quincy. Chimaat arrives and then the other Chimaat arrives too. They reveal that the Story is ending and that almost everyone they knew, God-Monarchs and Powerplayers, are dead and they expect their parents will also end badly. However they insist that they and Dave can have their own happy ending through sex.


Happy Ending

In Chimaat's chambers in the Stronghold of Powerplayers, Dave has made friends with the turnip jack-o'-lanterns and is currently playing pattycake with one, when Chimaat walks in.

Then Chimaat walks in again.

Dave does a double-take, and finally accepts that there are two identically gorgeous young woman in the room with him.

Dave: Er...hello!

Chimaat & Chimaat: Hi, Dave!

Their faces light up in identically glad expressions to see him.

Chimaat: Glad to see Quincy kept his word?

Chimaat: You put Quincy up to this? You know he's probably put cameras in here then.

Chimaat: Probably, but everything's ending, so no one will ever get to see the tapes.

Dave: Whoa, wait, what? Ending? What's happening out there?

Chimaat and Chimaat's faces darken slightly.

Chimaat & Chimaat: Almost nothing, anymore. Nearly everyone is dead, everything destroyed. My parents fight on, and I know things won't last much longer

Dave: I know it's horrible, but it can't be THAT bad. They aren't actually making the whole world end?

Chimaat & Chimaat giggle hysterically, as if sharing some inside joke impossible for anyone else to know.

Chimaat: No, silly! The whole world will keep marching for a while. But the story is ending.

Dave: Uh, it is?

The two Chimaats nod soberly.

Chimaat: Yes, and it will not end well.

Dave: Oh. That's, uh, that's too bad.

Chimaat: But!

Chimaat: We at least can have a happy ending!

Chimaat: The three of us! Or two of us.

Chimaat: Depending on how you count me.

Dave: How can we have a happy-- OHHHHH!

His face lights up in comprehension - and an extremely broad smile - as both Chimaats begin shucking their clothes.

Chimaat: I'm not a masseuse, but I hope I'm still allowed to give you a... happy ending[Ext 1].

Dave: Oh, definitely-- wait, what's that?

Chimaat: Oh, those are our chastity belts. Daddy went on a blue streak a little while ago, made us all put these on.

Chimaat: Doesn't matter now though. We're through listening to him.

They undo their chastity belts, treating Dave to twin sights of heaven.

And so, for them at least, the story ends very, very happily.


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