The Over-Soul refers to the unique mechanic of Caledonia and the drow people. When drow die, their soul is taken into the Over-Soul around the planet and will then be reborn. This includes all life on Caledonia. This essentially makes the drow immortal as they will, eventually, be reborn after death.


When a drow dies their soul goes to the Over-Soul around Caledonia[Pan 1].


When born again, a drow has no old memories. The memories of their past lives will only begin to resurface during their Awakening in their teenage years. Memories will return, piece-by-piece, including skills and even their true name[Pan 2].


Britt's Commentary

"The name of the Over-Soul was inspired by the term used by Ralph Waldo Emerson[Ext 1] to describe his own over-soul[Ext 2] concept. The actual mechanic has nothing to do with the inspirational source of the name, however." ~ Britt the Writer


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