Orinoco Flow is a planet in the Perseus Arm and would now be part of the First Order's territory, formerly The Galactic Empire of the Milky Way. During the Medieval Period it served as the base for the Dread Masters to terrorise the Old Republic before they were defeated by the King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. The planet is blanketed almost entirely in one continuous ocean that flows across the planet's surface in a single direction. Only a narrow strip of land, at the tail end of the ocean's current, would be habitable for a month's length before being swallowed by the colossal wave at the head of the ocean's continual flow.



The planet is covered almost entirely in an ocean, from pole-to-pole, which flows in a single direction around the world in the span of the planet's year. At the tail end of the ocean the solid rock beneath would be exposed for a single month before the colossal wave, larger than any mountain of Earth, would swallow the land again. The long-reaching wave was often dubbed "The Great Wave"[Leg 1].


Dread Fortress

Usually concealed by the ocean, the Dread Fortress was the military stronghold for the Dread Empire. It was chosen to be on Orinoco Flow so that assault would be much harder by enemies of the empire. It looked like a blackened castle - charred by dark, evil flames. It had many twisted spires and seemed the epitome of every stereotypical evil aesthetic[Leg 1]. It was a towering monolith with an equally impressive archway and complimentary doors. They were large enough that several stacked elephants could walk through[Leg 2]. The interior décor is described as 'evil architecture' - there are jagged walls, spikes, gargoyles and smears of red[Leg 3].

Emperor's Throne Room

The Dread Emperor has his own throne room. It is lined with banners of the Dread Empire and at the far end is a stone throne[Leg 3].


Britt's Commentary

"Orinoco Flow is a play on the name of Oricon[Ext 1], the original Dread Masters'[Ext 2] world in Star Wars[Ext 3] material, and Orinoco Flow, a song by Enya[Ext 4]." ~ Britt the Writer.


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