Orien Aspurr is a gaje for the Religion of Nothing and an old, falleen man. He lives in the El'Psassmet Wat where he teaches Pariṣā and guides the gana of his religion. He was born with a disability where his body constantly emits falleen pheromones and through the Path of Aparigraha, he learnt to control this problem with his mind over body.



Orien Aspurr is a falleen. He has very large, round eyes[Tales 1].


As part of his religious ideology, Orien Aspurr will rhythmically sweep the stones of the El'Psassmet Wat. He rarely asks direct questions and, instead, he makes statements that can be taken as questions or statements. He follows the Path of Aparigraha in the Religion of Nothing and believes that all people are friends, but they cannot be personal friends. This way, he believes, he is always in good company. He believes that people reach a state of Nothing when they die. He is careful not to hurt any creatures in his path, which he uses to his broom to gently sweep aside[Tales 1].



As a fallen, Orien Aspurr can emit pheromones that have such an affect on some non-falleen species that they can control them[Tales 1].



He owns an old broom which he uses to rhythmically sweep the stones of El'Psassmet Wat[Tales 1].


Tales from The Imperium

The Story of Ameryl

Main article: The Story of Ameryl

Ameryl Hypericum arrived at the El'Psassmet Wat[Tales 2] and became a Pariṣā of the Religion of Nothing. She was studying meditation techniques under Gaje Hash when the gaje farted loudly to distract the students. Ameryl was disgusted and fled from the room. She found Gaje Orien Aspurr sweeping the cobblestones of the garden and he beckoned her over. In order to provide sage advice to Ameryl, he tells her how he was born with the disability of a falleen constantly emitting excess pheromones. He had to learn, through sheer willpower, how to stop this; mind over body. She leaves him to his sweeping when she sees Peysiant Guril[Tales 1]. After some months, Ameryl decided to leave the temple and her lover, Peysiant Guril, behind. As she left the building, Aspurr was there to wish her well on her journey. He asserted that she may not be the failure she imagines, which encourages her, and he believes the choice has been made for both Ameryl and Peysiant[Tales 3].


Tales from The Imperium References

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