Oeurwoud is a planet in the Milky Way Galaxy. It is covered in plantlife, with trees as tall as Earth's mountains. It was once a common tourist resort but later became a rebel base for the Alliance until it was consumed by the invading Ever-ending Plot. The Æon Knights used the tear in space-time, created by the EeP, on Oeurwoud to enter NeShattered and battle against the threat of the EeP.


The planet is considered a natural paradise as the world developed an abundance of life but none of it sentient. Tourism is the planet's primary function, but the weather cycle results in several months of tropical storms wherein few tourists are likely to come. The weather, being tropical in nature, is hot and wet[Tales 1]. Special clothing can help prevent discomfort for those susceptible to the humidity. For a time the planet was a part of the Galactic Empire of the Milky Way until it became a staging point for a rebel base and would, therefore, later join the Alliance[CatH 1].


Aggran Forest

Aggran Forest dominates one of the large islands of the northern hemisphere. The area is populated by massive trees that create a canopy as tall as small mountains and clouds will form there. The heat can be oppressive thanks to the thick moisture levels of the air[CatH 1]. The canopy itself is largely cool, being so high in the atmosphere, which is why the water will develop there to then descend as rain. The area is popular for tourists and a tourism company has built a series of villas in the area with a path leading to a scenic gazebo. As well as trees the forest has plenty of shrubs and flowers. Due to the cycle of the weather, there is an off season when the company usually goes quiet[Tales 1].

Aggran Forest was used as a rebel base for a time, allowing the rebels to hide from the imperials easily in the forest. However the entire rebel base was wiped out when the Dark Water, or "Ever-ending Plot", attacked the planet. Investigating the disappearance of the rebels, Telkrin Izep was drawn into the Dark Water and lost through a tear in space-time to NeShattered where the Dark Water originates[CatH 1]. The Æon Knights would eventually return to investigate the demise of Telkrin Izep and the threat of the Dark Water, ultimately using the EeP's portal to access NeShattered and stop it from destroying the NeSiverse[CatH 2].


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