Non-Story Notes are notes, usually in the form of cordoned off written sections of a larger post, wherein the Writer of the post wanted to say something "out of story" to the other Writers or Readers. Sometimes "Non-Story Posts" are also used, wherein an entire post is out of story. These NSN and NSPs became increasingly rare with the creation and participation within the NeS Workshop thread where Writers were encouraged to discuss their ideas for the story freely with one another.

Notable Examples

The Never-ending Story1

NeS1 Post 1

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The opening post to the Never-ending Story1 was a compilation post from an earlier thread, which includes several Non-Story Posts made by Writers when they debated the content of the story - some criticising others' writing as being counter-productive and others requesting some rules to follow for writer etiquette. Ares the Writer, particularly, was at the centre of these debates due to his overly restrictive control on the thread's direction, going so far as to disregard a post made by Merlin the Writer. The result of the discussion was the return of DarkSide, MerlinTW's Character, and a more collaborative attempt at writing[NeS1 1].


The Never-ending Story1 References

  1. NeS1 Post 1
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