Nick was a Demi-God, born to a human mother and Ares, the God of War. He longed for a relationship with his father but was constantly denied. He would eventually join Hero Force One where he fell in love with Magick Snowflakes, a magic user under the tutelage of Dr R. Deep. When the Earth seemed to disappear, the team had to seek the wisdom of a local seer simply known as the Oracle. However the Oracle was actually one of the Prophetim of Ordimar and she sacrificed Nick to summon a gateway, allowing her people to enter that region of space. Nick, however, was granted the right to ascend as a god, specifically becoming the God of Jam Doughnuts. As the God of Jam Doughnuts he is fairly dissatisfied with his lot in life because he has just one worshipper, Gebohq the Writer, who just calls on Nick to get free doughnuts.

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