New Sima is a major metropolitan city that is attached to its sister city, El'Psassment. While El'Psassment acts as the religious and governmental side, New Sima itself is the bustling city of interstellar commerce. It is a ramshackle affair that suffers from serious overcrowding and its denizens are as wildly varied as the buildings and culture on display. To many the city would seem run-down but its vibrancy and history attracts a great many tourists and seekers of truth. Within it stand the ancient, looming, edifices that once belonged to the dreaded Omega Reich.


The city is exceptionally busy with all manner of sentient beings from across the Multiverse both visiting and residing here. The city itself is also a patchwork of architectural and cultural styles that have resulted in a garish, eclectic mess of structures that stand side-by-side. Transportation services usually include crowded city buses that travel not only throughout New Sima but also into El'Psassment too. The roads of the city are very wide but also crowded with vehicles. Even the skies experience traffic jams with the flying vehicles[Tales 1].



There is a large, expansive and modern spaceport that accepts Multiversal spacecraft as travellers from across the breadth of the Multiverse come to New Sima. Despite being highly advanced there is also a kind of backwardsness to the port. It stands close to the old Omega Reich buildings, which can be seen from its viewing galleries[Tales 1].

Omega Reich Memorial

The Omega Reich Memorial is near to the spaceport and can be seen from its viewing galleries and is seen as a tourist attraction as well as a museum for many visitors[Tales 1].


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