Netherlight is the opposite of light, while darkness is merely the absence of light and not its opposite. Netherlight is usually not as bright as light, producing a much dimmer level of brightness, and instead of being warm or hot, netherlight is cool or freezing. It can be produced naturally from stars that emit only netherlight instead of light but it can also be emitted by moons. Certain magic spells can also cast netherlight, which can be very bright unlike natural netherlight.



Netherlight is the opposite of light. While it is akin to light in that a person can see by its radiance, is is usually far more dim. Unlike light, which is hot, netherlight is cold. It can be shone naturally from moons[Pan 1] as well as stars and it can shine in different colours, such as white netherlight from the star at Necrill[Tales 1] or the red Star at the End of the Multiverse[Pan 2].


Netherlight can be used or produced through magic, particularly by the drow, in such ways that it can instantly blind people both with luminance and with a cold snap to the eyes[Pan 1].

Netherlight Stars


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The star around which the planet Necrill currently orbits is a netherlight star that emits a dim white light. The planet doesn't freeze over because of the thick layer of aether on the planet that generates its own heat. The planet didn't always orbit this sun as it had been slingshot out of its original star system before being caught by this star. Eventually the erratic orbit of Necrill will remove it, once again, from the star system and send it off into space[Tales 1].

Star at the End of the Multiverse

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The Star at the End of the Multiverse is the last remaining star after the gradual end of the entire Multiverse. It is a netherlight star that shines dimly red[Pan 2].

Netherlight Moons


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Caledonia has a moon that the native drow name Lloth. This moon is, by some religious drow, worshipped as a god. The moon, unlike most moons, does not reflect light from the star but generates its very own netherlight. This netherlight keeps the world illuminated, albeit dimly, even during the night hours when the planet's star is out of sight[Pan 1].


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