Neptune is the twin planet to Uranus of the Solar System. It is rich in aether thanks to the terraforming efforts of The Imperium and the fayries using the Dream Gate between the two worlds.



Thanks to the presence of the Dream Gate, Neptune was terraformed so that its atmosphere is now rich in aether; just like Uranus, its twin planet[Pan 1].


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The sapient species on the planet are fayries, who are humanoids with equine heads. They are led by a king[Pan 2] under the greater jurisdiction of The Imperium[Pan 1]. They rely upon the supercomputer Monde to dictate their lives, from the times they eat or sleep and to the foods they eat or the recreational activities they perform[Pan 1].


Dream Gate

There is a Dream Gate that connects Uranus directly to Neptune and allows the flow of aether between the two worlds[Pan 1].

Vril Processors

While Uranus mostly has aether processors, Neptune specialises in vril processors[Pan 1].


Space Camelot

It was said that an ancient 'god of magic' wanted to replicate the magic nexes of Earth on Uranus. In the Medieval Period, visitors from Earth, led by King Arthur, came to Uranus and met with Nerifian. They were introduced by Admiral Ltexi, a Jupiterian that was well acquainted with the fayries of Uranus[Pan 2]. After they met with the Fayrie King, he took them first to Monde, the supercomputer that governed the lives of the fayries, and then he would show King Arthur to the Dream Gate and then on to Neptune[Pan 1].


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