The NeSferatu are NeS vampires that need blood-ink to maintain their long lives. They were almost all wiped out except for a single survivor, Nyneve, who eventually turned Antestarr into a NeSferatu and, together, they began to repopulate the species by turning others into their kind. They were able to get a stead supply of cloned blood-ink from Mecha Lou and became stronger than ever when Nyneve first became Emperor of France and then for the whole of Europe.



The teeth of the NeSferatu insert a sliver of poison into the wound as they drink. This gives the victim a sense of euphoria, even pleasure, meaning the victim will stop resisting so readily and will not cry out[Pan 1].

White Hands

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A White Hand is made when a NeSferatu drinks the blood of a woman to the point of death. She is then healed by her fellow White Hands and brought back from the brink. This repeated process will eventually turn a woman into one of the White Hands. The more powerful the NeSferatu that bit the White Hand, the more powerful that witch would become[Pan 1]


Pantheons of the NeSiverse References

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