In NeS1 Post 99 Gebohq is in the DJ Booth with John Cleese. Gebohq falls asleep and Cleese threatens to play country music, snapping Gebohq awake to play good music instead. In the Arena the cast of Monty Python and the Holy Grail are struggling against Rabbit Walkers.


Gebohq: "...and the destruction of these...rabbit walkers is just amazing ain't it?"

*Gebohq takes a sip of his coffee, the caffinee keeping him barely awake. Sitting next to him was none other than John Cleese[Ext 1]. At the moment he was assuming the role of Sir Lancolot[Ext 2].*

Cleese: "Indeed chap. It's quite astounding how dangerous rabbits"

*Gebohq had fallen fast asleep in teh DJ booth once again. This irritated Mr. Cleese, and a plan was formulating in his head.*

Cleese: (in the mic)"And for our next piece of music good people, we will put on bagpipe players performing country music[Ext 3]-"

*Gebohq snapped wide awake, as if jolted with a hot poker*

Gebohq: "I'm awake! The answer is 42[Ext 4]! Er...I mean the next music we will be putting on is the CD "Darkside of the Moon[Ext 5]" by Pink Floyd[Ext 6]."

*A small "woohoo" could be heard from Antestarr. As the music began, the reader notices the chaos that ensues on the battlefield. Despite the progress Antestarr, JK, Fire and Twin suns had made, several rabbit walkers were still terrorizing the general populous of the audience in the bleachers. Among the few people fending them off were the cast of Monty Python[Ext 7].*

Sir Bellimore: "Maybe if we build a giant badger..."

King Arthur[Ext 8]: "Oh shut up! Brother Manyard[Ext 9]! Bring the holy hand grenade of Antioch[Ext 10]!"

Manyard: "Thy shall count to-"

Arthur: "No time for that, just throw the damn thing!"

*Brother Manyard prceeds to throw the grenade. Unfortunatly, he forgot to pull out the pin, so the grenade uselessly hit one of the walkers on the head with a *bonk*. The rabbit walker turned around and leaped at Patsy[Ext 11].*

Arthur: "You will pay for that foul rabbit. Patsy will not die in vain-"

Patsy: "I'm not dead yet."

*Meanwhile, Arbiter looks upon the situation in the arena*

Arbiter: "No originality I tell you, not one bit of it. If I wasn't so evil, I'd so something about it..."

*Arbiter then proceeds to feed Morris the cat, humming to the "Meow mix[Ext 12]" theme while doing so.*


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