In NeS1 Post 98 Miss Fire uses one of her large guns to blow up one of the Rabbit Walkers that have invaded Ares' Colosseum. She then hands out such guns to each those with her, JK Meteor, Antestarr and Twin Suns. Many members of the audience and staff flee the colosseum when the walkers arrive, including the announcer, so Gebohq decides to take his place.


The rabbit walkers filled the arena -- a truly intimidating sight. Half the people in the bleachers got up and ran in fear, screaming all the way out. The other half thought it was pretty cool and decided to stay and watch. --- In the arena JK [Meteor], Twin Suns, Miss Fire, and Antesstar stood in the center of the circle of rabbit walkers.

Antesstar: Hmm...this complicates things a bit.

Miss Fire: *handing her light blade to Antesstar* These things are great for dueling, but I think I'd like something bigger for these things.

*Miss Fire takes her backpack off and rummages through it. Finaly, she finds a large gun.*

Miss Fire: This looks like it could do the job!

*She aims at one of the walkers and fires. The walker bursts into flames and falls. After another shot, it explodes into a giant fireball.*

Miss Fire: Oops! What am I thinking?! Sorry, ya go! 

*Miss Fire reaches back into her pack and takes out 3 guns like the first and hands one to JK [Meteor], Twin Suns, and Antesstar. She then slips her backpack back on.

Miss Fire: have at it! --- *Back at the bleachers, people are still running out of the arena, while the people left are cheering wildly. Gebohq notices that the announcer was among those that fled, so he climbs up and takes his seat. To the delight of the remaining veiwers, Gebohq sticks in the Duel of the Fates[Ext 1] music and plays it over the loudspeakers. The crowd goes wild as the music plays and the people in the center of the arena continue to blow up robotic bunnies!


Never-ending Story1 References

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