NeS1 Post 96 sees JK [Meteor] arrive in Ares' Colosseum after seeing Rabbit Walkers headed towards the colosseum on the TV. He uses his 'thing' and appears in the bleachers. He stands up and everyone glares at him and he tells them of the impending doom approaching.


Meteor, watching the TV, suddenly saw something. "OH NO, it's the new imperial RWs!!! (rabbit walkers) I have to warn them." So he used his thing and appeared at the seats of the arena.

Suddenly JK[m] stood up. Everyone stopped fighting and everyone stared at him, and the camera guys aimed the cameras at him, and everyone watching the tv stared at him. 'Oh no everyone in the universe is staring at me for me to say my speech.' thought jkm. So he said, "Stop staring at me, it's not against the rules to standup." And Ares and Arbiter and everyone gasped, even RobX in his sleep gasped. Everyone in the universe gasped!!!!!!!!! Then Twin Sun, Antesstar, and Miss_Fire started walking towards each other again, but JK said, "Some rabbit walkers are attacking!!!!" At that second the ground shook from a bite of the rabbit walkers!!!!!!

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