NeS1 Post 95 returns to The Chimera, which is in orbit around the Earth. Grand Admiral Thrawn is still upset since NeS1 Post 67 an is pouring out his heart and soul to one of his officers. An Imperial commando bursts in with news of Ares' Colosseum and Thrawn is filled with renewed purpose. He decides to attack but the only walkers they have are Rabbit Walkers. He sends them anyway.


*Meanwhile, on the bridge of the Chimera...*

Thrawn: "...and I suppose it all had to do with my childhood. My mother would always keep telling me "You need to be cultured. The art museums will be good for you!". And now look at me! I'm obbesed with art! I think everything is related to it. I even have a shirt that says "Art is Life, everything else pales in comparision"."

Officer 1: "There's good that your finally letting all of this out. Now what about your eyes. Do you have alergies? Is it pinkeye?"

*An imperial commando bursts into the scene, panting.*

Commando: "Grand Admiral Thrawn, have you been watching the fight? They've got three people in the arena now. Three! Isn't that exciting?"

Officer 1: "Uh-oh..."

*Thrawn immediately stands up, now filled with a new purpose.*

Thrawn: "Yes, this is what makes my life miserable. Not being able to take over or even destroy Earth because of this fight. Well no more! Send down the ground assult force-"

Commando: "Er...sir?"

Thrawn: "What is it?"

Commando: "Er...its about the ground forces. When we were sent out, we were never stocked with the Imperial walkers or even the At-ST's[Ext 1] sir."

Thrawn: "Great, juuust great. You've got to tell me these things people! The big daddy needs his info, understand? Well, what do we have?"

Commando: "Rabbit walkers sir."

Thrawn: "Rabbit walkers. God, what will they think of next? Well, send them down."

Commando: "Yes sir."

*The rabbit walkers landed on Earth, headed towards the arena, equiped with beady eyes and big, pointy teeth.*


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