In NeS1 Post 90 the explosives that Twin Suns had thrown in NeS1 Post 88 land in Antestarr's hands. He, Miss Fire and Twin Suns play hot potato with them until they decide to feed the explosives to Morris the Cat. Morris ingests them and his belly explodes comically and he comes through unscathed. Antestarr and Miss Fire decide to deal with the drunk Twin Suns after he insults them both.


*As Twin Suns and Antestarr get back up, the thermal detonators[Ext 1] that were thrown up into teh air come back down into Antestarr's hands. Panic-striken that his life may end much shorter than he prefered, he tossed the therms to Miss Fire. She catches it as if it were on fire and throws them back to Twin Suns. All three continue playing hot potato with the therms until they realize their perfect solution, Morris the cat!*

*Morris the web-kitty strolls past them when Miss Fire rolls teh two therms in front of the cat. Morris takes immediate interest and bats them around, them promptly eats them whole. The crowd inhales deeply as to find out what is about to happen...3...2..1..a muffled explosion could be heard inside Morris's stomach as he comically inflated in size and decreased back to his normal state. Smoke came out of the cat's ears and then it gave a loud burp. Everyone laughed at Morris, who replied "What's so funny? Someone get some Pepto-Bismol[Ext 2]."

*After the short episode with the therms, Antestarr stepped up to Twin Suns.*

Antestarr: "Your obviously still drunk, I'll walk you back to the bleachers-"

*Twin Suns pushed back Antestarr.*

Twin Suns: "I'm...sotally tober. Now getoverhere...and fight me! Or are you too chicken."

*Antestarr stared at Twin Suns all too much like Micheal J. Fox[Ext 3] from "Back to the Future[Ext 4]".*

Antestarr: "Nobody I mean NOBODY calls me chicken! You want a fight? I'll give you a fight!"

Miss Fire: "Cool off Antestarr, he's not talking straight."

Twin Suns: "You tell him you two-cent whore!"

Miss Fire: "OK, that's it. Let me help you out Antestarr."

*Gebohq and Rob X continue to sleep, even though fat Morris was sitting on Rob X asleep with them.*


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