NeS1 Post 85 has Gebohq worn out from earlier fights throughout NeS1 Page 1 and NeS Page 2. He's doped on caffeine but is sluggish and about to drop. Arbiter takes him back to the bleachers and suggests Miss Fire and Antestarr go and finish their duel they started in NeS1 Post 84.


*With all the exitement in the arena, Arbiter only noticed now that Gebohq appeared much like a drunk: not standing straight, eyes half-open, sluggish reflexes to Arbiter's attacks. But Gebohq was not drunk, for the only drink he had was a cup of coffee. Yes, only the caffine was keeping him moving at all.*

Arbiter: "What's wrong with you man? I'm not going to fight an enemy who's not fighting to his full potential. Go take a break-"

Gebohq: "No, that's...ok. I can.mumble)..I have to keep...fighting.."

Arbiter: (walking to Gebohq)"Come on, I'll walk you to the bleachers. I need to take a break and eat my pizza anyway."

*Arbiter the proceeded to guide Geb over to teh bleachers, layed him down and got a nearby blanket to put over him. Geb mumbles a few more audible words and then falls fast asleep.*

Arbiter: "I should of figured this would happen. He has already fought a round with Rob X, he's probably been awake for 48 hours. Hey Antestarr! Miss Fire! Go have a blast."

*With that, Antestarr and Miss Fire take the new positions in the arena and duel with their lightfoils. Gebohq continues to sleep like a log, not even a massive explosion would wake him up.*

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