In NeS1 Post 83 Miss Fire and Antestarr have a duel using the lightfoils. Miss Fire explains that the slimes were an accident and she didn't mean for them to attack him in NeS1 Post 68. She appreciates his craftsmanship of his lightfoils but when Arbiter tells them they can't fight until tagged in they retire to the bleachers again. Miss Fire offers Arbiter a pizza for the one he lost in NeS1 Post 81.


*talking as they walk down toward the arena area*

Miss Fire: Ooo! Lightbars (tm)! Did you come up with those yourself?

Antestarr: Yup! My own design.

Miss Fire: Ya know, I bet there would be a big market for those things! You could really make some good money!

Antestarr: They should be available to the public in a year or so.

*They reach the arena and the blades turn on with a swish*

Miss Fire (while flipping back to avoid a jab): No kidding? I know I'd buy one! Pretty lightweight! These would fit extra nice in my backpack! You ought to make matching belts to go with them -- and be sure not to forget us lefties!

*The blades clash multiple times, flashing a bright light*

Antestarr: What was the big idea getting those slimes to gang up on me anyway?

*Miss Fire swings her blade in a downward arc, where Antestarr blocks it just in time.*

Miss Fire: I didn't send them after you! (ducks as the blade whizzes over her head, then rolls to the side to swing) They were Galv's old leftovers -- they got out of hand, and the only thing they seemed to respond to was popcorn! Once they multiplied, it looked pretty grim for everyone in the arena (blocks a strike) so I threw the popcorn out. I didn't know they'd come after you!

Arb: Hey! We're still fighting here! You haven't tagged in yet!

Miss Fire: Oops! I guess We'll have to wait our turn!

*Both blades slip to nothing and Fire and Antestarr head back to the bleachers.*

Miss Fire: Hey! While we're over here... *reaches into her backpack and pulls out a box of pizza and calls out to Arbiter* Hey! Since you missed that other box, you can have this! I was saving it for later, but I don't need it. If I get hungry, I'll order some more enchiladas. *holds up a buisness card with Enchilada Man printed on the front, then a phone number.

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