In NeS1 Post 82, Arbiter has engaged in combat with what appears to be a fearsome Y2K Beast. However he stops to think and uses his device, a BS detector, to call 'bullspit' on the beast - it is made purely of hype and was nothing but a phantom. The beast vanishes and Arbiter goes back to the bleachers to listen to music and watch the fight between Antestarr and Miss Fire.


*Arbiter pulls back from the fight with the Y2K beast, and thinks to himself "Wait a sec, I have a BS detector!" Pulling out something that looks like a divining rod, he points the device toward the beast. The rod shakes insistently. "Ah, I knew it! Pure BS." Yessir, bullspit. The beast disappears with a wail. 

Arbiter, laughing: That was no more than a thing made of hype and bullspit. A phantom. I wish i could fight someone.

*Arbiter looks at Antestarr and Miss Fire, walking toward the arena and wonders wehre Geb has disappeared to. Walking to the stands, Arbiter pulls on headphones and listens to his mix of music*

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