In NeS1 Post 81 the Y2K Beast eats the pizza, along its delivery boy and a mime, that Arbiter had ordered. Enraged Arbiter attacks the beast. Antestarr chooses to duel with Miss Fire for the insult of sending blobs to attack him in NeS1 Post 68. For the duel he chooses his own patented invention, lightfoils.


*As the enormous Y2K beast approaches the arena, a small craft with a sign on top reading "Papa John's[Ext 1]" lands in the adjacent fire lane.*

Delivery boy: Pizza for a Mr.... uh... Arbiter?

Arbiter: *gasp* My professional pizza's here! Time out for a moment.

*Without warning, the Y2K beast devours the pizza boxes, their contents, the delivery boy, the craft, and a random mime who had managed to wander in from nowhere.*

Arbiter: Foul creature! You... you ate my PIZZA! and a mime. How... how could you?! You have been threatening to terrorize the lives of many many people, yet you choose me as the first to insult! I have to draw the line somewhere!

*Arbiter's eyes begin to glow a pale green... his hair occasionally streaks pure gold...*

Arbiter: The cheese... the pepperoni... the luscious crust... NOW YOU PAY!

*Arbiter, now done with a complete transformation into a "Super Saiyan[Ext 2]", bum rushes the gigantic beast.*

Antestarr (spectating): Ooh... ow... OH! I didn't know that could bend that way... dear Lord! Somebody ate his wheaties this morning.

Miss Fire (slightly annoyed): You, cape-guy, you want some retribution, right? Well, come on then, let's get this over with. I've been wanting to whip some tail anyway.

Antestarr: Allright... fine, but since it's my retribution, we gotta use my weapons of choice.

*Antestarr reaches into his weapon cache and pulls out what looks like two lightsabers.*

Antestarr: What we have here are my patented "Lightfoils" (tm). They're lighter and used more for thrusting than a lighsaber. My choice for our fight.

*As Antestarr and Miss Fire move to tag in, Arbiter continues his frenzied assault on the legendary beast....*


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