In NeS1 Post 80 the Y2K Beast appears as the first Earth timezone hit the new millennium and charged to Ares' Colosseum sensing the heroes therein.


*What Gebohq and Arbiter did not realize was that Y2K was in fact a threat to Earth, only not in the form they thought it would take. When the part of the planet closest to the international deadline crossed the new millenuim, the beast emerged from its secret hiding place. Its head, a big yellow "Y", looked from left to right as if looking for its first target. It soon sensed the presence of the arena and began to charge towards the general direction, the "Y" in front, the "2" acting as the front legs and teh "K" acting as the back legs, with the upper portion of the "K" swinging like a tail. It seemed as if our unwitting heros have trouble up to their heads this time.*

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