After the demise of Jerry Springer, NeS1 Post 79 returns the arena to its original state. Gebohq and Arbiter, however, are no longer fighting at they consider that both Y2K is coming as well as, worse, a comet that will wipe out all life on Earth. Antestarr, meanwhile, searches for the one responsible for sending blobs to attack him and everyone gives up Miss Fire.


*The crowd screams in excitement and joy as it was decided that Springer's[Ext 1] fate was to burst into a flaming husk, thus burning the rope off and finally squirming slowly in agony in the molten lava. As if by magic, the arena is transformed back into the way it had appeared before Jerry Springer came and the fighters went back to entertain the crowd.

Gebohq: "Better end this quick, the end of time as we know it is about to fall on us."

Arbiter: "Correction: it will be the end of humanity, specifically for the people on the planet Earth. While they all worry about Y2K, they never stop to think about the comet heading right for them."

Gebohq: "But isn't this arena on Earth?"

Arbiter: "Who knows?"

*Meanwhile, Antestarr continues his quest to find the guilty member who caused him his trouble with the slimes.*

Antestarr: "So, would anyone care to tell me which one of you threw the popcorn and caused the slimes to follow?"

*Everyone in the bleachers points their fingers at Miss Fire, who in return gives them all a cold stare. They all look away in fear of spontaniously combusting from her stare.*

Antestarr: "Well then, I think its time for a little retribution..."


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