NeS1 Post 762 is a Non-Story Post where Janitor Bob the Writer lets The Last True Evil the Writer know that he can include a new villainous Character to the Story, as he considered in NeS1 Post 761, but that the Story already has a large number of current villains at large, both in the Story Realm and the Writers' Realm. He reiterates that The Last True Evil the Writer should read through the last two Pages of the Story, but also that there's no concern for messing up the Story.


NSP: Feel free to add a new villian, Last True Evil, but we have a lot of villians right now. They include:

In the Writers World: Darkside The UGO Corporation (working for Microsoft) Microsoft Bill Gates

In the Computer Gaming Realm: Kamakazis[Ext 1] Zombies The Spooky Taco (Head Villian) General Gordita Burrito Boy Asparugus Troopers

(There are more, but just read the last two or so pages before making any major Plot twists. Or don't. The fun part about this story is that it is really hard to screw it up. Although I might have with my last In Story Post.)

------------------ May the Windex be with you -Janitor Jack (Salk Wars)

[This message has been edited by Janitor Bob (edited June 17, 2001).]


Britt's Commentary

"As pointed out by the next few posts, originally Janitor Bob the Writer addressed this post to Semievil333 the Writer by mistake, instead of The Last True Evil the Writer, but he edited in a name change." ~ Britt the Writer


External References

  1. Beheaded Kamikaze article, Serious Sam Wiki.
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