In NeS1 Post 760, Dr Geb retells the initial joining of Losien Simon to the Story, recounting that her inclusion introduced both romance and cheese and crackers to the Story. The bell rings, like school, and the students rush out, ending the recap summary session. Meanwhile, Randy the Writer is still clinging to the UGO Ambulance.


Dr. Geb: ...and so with the addition of Losien two important new elements were introduced to the thread (1) romance and (2) cheese and crackers. With these two...

*Suddenly, the bell rings and all the audience rushes out to their next period, forgetting to pick up their trash and expended Orange Soda Cans[Ext 1]*

Dr. Geb: Be sure to come back next week for part two...

*Meanwhile, Randy is still hanging onto the Speeding UGO ambulance from a Mothers Against Drunk Driving Ribbon[Ext 2]*

(NSP: Meaning, that I like this history, but lets get back to the actual story. Maybe we can break up dull parts with the History of NES.)


May the Windex be with you

-Janitor Jack (Salk Wars)


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