In NeS1 Post 756, The Last True Evil has fallen asleep during the lecture of Dr Geb who is giving a summary of events. He relates that the NeS Heroes travelled to a Dimension X and battled the evil clone of Rob X, named Rob Y, who shares a name with Rob X's biological great-uncle. Startled by The Last True Evil's snoring, Dr Geb gets to the point of what is happening at this moment. The post ends with a Non-Story Note from The Last True Evil the Writer indicating that this was a hint to the other Writers.


*The Last True Evil is slumped over his lecture seat, sound asleep, with a sign taped to his head entitled 'I am wide awake and paying strict attention'*

Dr. Geb: So then we travelled to Dimension X and battled Rob X's evil clone, Rob Y, not to be confused by Rob X's biological great uncle of the same name-

TLTE: *LOUD snoring*

Dr. Geb: *Ahem* But to cut a long story short, what's happening RIGHT NOW IS-

(hint hint..) ;)

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