NeS1 Post 754 opens with a brief Non-Story Note with Gebohq the Writer agreeing to write a synopsis of the Story thus far based on the arrival of new Writer The Last True Evil the Writer and the return of Losien the Writer. In the Story Realm, the Never-ending Story pauses as Dr Geb appears, ready to tell the tale. However, when he claims that the NeS created God, a Random Audience Member recognises that this is actually Ares' Clone and not Dr Geb at all. Ares' Clone is removed and the real Dr Geb gets up. He explains that the NeS pre-dates the Interactive Story Board, the forum set up for stories on Massassi Temple Forum, and was originally created by GA Farrant the Writer. The comet that was bound for the Earth was under the control of Grand Admiral Thrawn and The Empire, but those who tried to stop Thrawn, including Gebohq Simon, became embroiled in battles with Ares in The Arena. After Ares grew bored of fighting Rob X, other fights duelled one another, until the arrival of DarkSide. The post then ends with another Non-Story Note explaining that this is just some of the history, which does only cover the first Chapter, The Fight of the Century of the Week.


(NSP: Seeing how we have another person interested in writing *The Last True Evil* and a re-tur-nee from ye olden times *Losien*, I think it's time to do what Sem suggested--a history. *clears throat* And now...)

The Neverending Story Thread has momentarily stopped in it's normal posting to bring you this special edition look, back in time. The Neverending Story Thread, Coca-Cola[Ext 1], and the makers of Duct-tape, B.U.M.P., and mysterious swirls/plot holes, proudly present:

*Cue in title theme music[Ext 2] to 2001: A Space Oddyseey[Ext 3]*

The HISTORY of the Neverending Story Thread! Our host: Dr. Geb

*In the inky blackness of non-descript settings, a spotlight lights up to reveal Geb (who conviniently has a doctorates to bump his status and ego), formally dressed, in front of a podium. He begins to speak.*

"In the beginning, there was NeS. NeS made God, and said it was good--"

audience member: Hey, what 'cha trying to pull on us here? And you're not Dr. Geb at all!

"Er...." *tries to sound more emotional* "Of course I am! How could you say such a thing!"

audience member: Because it's obviously you're Ares' clone!

"Well your mother was a--"

Due to technical difficulties, the writers have sacked the speaker of tonight's edition of NeS. They sincerely apologize, and hope the continetial breakfast that includes donuts and cookies that is being sent to you will make up for any emotional damages made by Ares' clone's monotone voice. We now continue with our special edition, with the real Dr. Geb.

"Well, it is very difficult to trace The Neverending Story to it's original and ancient routes, but it is believed that before the times of the Interactive Story Board, there was a small thread called "Nostrodomous...scary stuff", started by a man that went by the name GA Farrent. He talked about how back in the summer of 1999, there was news that a verified comet's path could very well cross that of Earth's, and bring about the end of the world as we know it.

Well, soon enough, Massassians, such as lightside, Snyderman, and Gebohq came to the rescue to volunteer to go in their spaceships and head for the comet to see if they could stop it. They soon found that ther was an amusement park, and worse, that the whole comet was sent by Grand Admiral Thrawn to threaten the Earth to surrender under the Empire or be destroyed. The plot soon involved a large number of people, became large and confusing, and most importantly, took up much space in the Discussion forums. That is when the administrators decided to make a forum especially for long and pointless stories like ours.

Not before making it's new home in the Interactive Story Baord though was the Neverending Story Thread conquored by Ares, God of war. Ares decided that he had to use his powers to bring order to the mad plot and challange all bad writers to fight him in The Arena tm! Challangers like Gebohq and Galvatron dared to fight the god of war, though were never sucessful at defeating him. Ares went on to challange Rob X, however, and finding that he grew bored of fighting, slipped out of the fights and became the owner of all that is related to the Neverending Story Thread.

Others entered The Arena tm in hopes of fighting themselves, such as Arbiter, Twin Suns, Antestarr, and Semievil. Then there were some who dropped by for their own reasons, such as Miss Fire, bug, Ping_Me, Space_Orca, Enchilada Man, Morris the Cat, theOtter, Maybechild, and Losien. Many fights occured: Geb vs. Rob X, Geb vs. Arbiter, Antestarr vs. Miss Fire, Semievil vs. Geb, and all against the dark forces such as the Darkside."

(NSP: I didn't get NEARLY done with it, so if anybody who's read the entireity of the story wants to continue it (even if only a little bit), be my guest. If not, I'll continue on, and hopefully, I'll do outtakes! Until then, hope you like this stuff :) If not funny, at least informative I hope.)



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