NeS1 Post 752 is a Non-Story Post in which Losien the Writer announces her return to writing at the request of Gebohq the Writer. She makes it clear that she may not be able to post regularly and celebrates those that have been able to keep posting while she was absent. She also admits that she doesn't know what has been happening and can't remember what happened earlier, so she could use someone to fill her in on the details; reflecting the request for a summary by The Last True Evil the Writer in NeS1 Post 751.


(NSP: Losien wakes up after a really long...umm...I don't know what you'd call it...but...she's proud to be "Back by popular demand" well...although it's actually only by one person, whose name we won't mention...but it starts with a G, ends with a q, and has a eboh inbetween somewhere. :-) There aren't any guarentees that I'll be posting regularly...because I have a very busy life...I'm sure you all can relate to that one time or'll just have to deal with me on this. Umm.. I haven't really read anything up since...well, I don't even remember...but I'm guessing I've missed quite a bit. If anyone would like to maybe just fill me in with what might be happening, that would be great...or maybe I could try and find any little time I back up and read what I missed. Well,'s great to be back...for now. We'll see what happens. Kudos to those of you that have stuck with this! I salute you all! Have a great night. Hope to be back and ready to post soon!)

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