In NeS1 Post 75 Antestarr finally makes it to Ares' Colosseum and sits with Rob X in the bleachers, complaining about the Imperials around the planet. He then tries to figure out who's responsible for sending slimes to attack him, seeking retribution.


*Antestarr finally makes his way to the vicinity of the arena, and finds a space on the bleachers*

Antestarr: Phew, you guys wouldn't believe the traffic out there! A whole frickin' Imperial fleet?! And as if the traffic jam wasn't bad enough. I got two tickets from random Tie-Cops who caught me making illegal passes between Star Destroyers!

Rob: Eh, it's been worse. At least you weren't chased by your ex-girlfriend!

Antestarr: Yeah, but still! Parking around here is worse than the mall at X-mastime. Hell, my ship's double-hovered! And with Imperials around... I had to sign up as a possble contender merely to bring in a couple of weapons. Man I wish retribution were easier to come by...

*Various eyes perk up at the sound of the word 'retribution'. Mutterings go around the bleachers faster than squishy hot dogs.*

Antestarr: (to self) Hmm... so which one of these folks is responsible for my troubles with slimes...

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