In NeS1 Post 72, Miss Fire cannot understand the monkey on the phone she was advised to call in NeS1 Post 71. Instead she pulls out a massive gun from her hammer space backpack. She aims at Gebohq and Arbiter and demands that they return to the arena and away from the bleachers, which they do.


*Miss Fire dials at the payphone*

voice on other end: Eee Ee oo!

Miss Fire: Drat! I can't understand a word theyr'e saying! I'll have to take matters into my own hands. Hmm...what can I do?

*Miss Fire suddenly remembers her backpack. She runs back to the bleachers where Geb and Arb are still brawling. Reaching back, she pulls out a giant gun (which could have never fit in such a tiny pack under normal circumstances) and aims.*

Miss Fire: All right! Get back to the middle of the arena and fight -- no more of this fighting in the middle of the bleachers where no one but the cameramen can see you!

*As Geb and Arb make their way down, Miss Fire sticks her gun back in the pack where it fits with no problem among the myriad of other weapons and nifty objects.*

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