In NeS1 Post 71 Miss Fire cheers on Arbiter because she has a little crush on him. She warns Arbiter that Gebohq is going to attack when he's distracted by her. Miss Fire wants to help Arbiter so Rob X advises that she call Monkey before he is chased, again, by his ex-girlfriend.


*Among the cheers from the crowd, one might hear Miss Fire yelling "Go Arbiter". She thought that even though that Geb guy was nice and all, Arbiter had a vaster intellect. Besides, she always had a thing for bad guys(Arbiter being a sith and all)...*

Miss Fire: "Show him Arbi!"

*Arbiter stopped in midfight hearing Miss Fire and took a step towards her. Gebohq still outraged wasn't thinking quite as clearly and was preparing to charge at Arbiter, but missed and fell to the ground from the momentum. Arbiter then flashed one of those Hollywood-worthy smiles, all teeth. Miss Fire went red in the cheeks. But that quickly passed as Gebohq got back up and was heading for Arbiter, Arbiter still looking at Miss Fire.*

Miss Fire: "Watch out!"

*Arbiter turned and only had time to put up his lightsaber as Gebohq lept at him like a wild vorskner[Ext 1]. The fight was still looking grim for Arbiter.*

Miss Fire: "Oh no! I've got to help him, but how?"

*Just then, Rob X was running by her and hearing her, stopped suddenly. His ex-girlfriend who was right on his heels also tried to stop but tripped from her own momentum and crashed with a racket of noise, falling on several thing including some mysterious trashcans and Morris the cat.*

Rob X: "Why don't you dial "M" for monkey[Ext 2]? Monkey has always been there in a time of need."

Miss Fire: "I can't believe I didn't think of that before! Thanks ATT[Ext 3] mean Rob. I'll go do that."

*Miss Fire went to the pay phone nearby while Rob noticing that his ex-girlfriend was preparing to chase him again, decided to dive under one of the bleachers before she saw him.*


Britt's Commentary

"The 'Dial 'M' for Monkey' is a reference to an episode the TV show Dexter's Laboratory[Ext 4]. " - Britt the Writer


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