In NeS1 Post 703, the waiter who was threatened by Phantom Master with his digital M16 in NeS1 Post 701, manages to snatch the weapon from him. He continues to assert that the cheat codes are not allowed until earnt, despite Phantom Master's insistence. He suggests that the Characters partake in the single player, but Gebohq Simon vows never to betray multiplayer until the waiter offers to throw in alcohol and coffee. Gebohq, however, is certain that he recognises the waiter, though the waiter denies it. When Semievil also grows suspicious, the waiter tries to escape but is caught by Krig.


*The waiter does an impossible move and disarms Phantom*

Waiter: "I'm sorry sir, but that option is reserved for regular customers and staff only."

*Phantom sulked, he was excited about the prospect of playing with "big weapons", not least because it opened up the prospect of some not-very-subtle innuendo...*

Waiter: "However, if I could recommend today's special; Single Player in extra crispy mode soaked in a white wine sauce."

*The writers' eyes light up at the mention of alcohol*

Geb: "Sounds alright, but I will never betray my Massassi multiplayer roots!"

Waiter: "Did I mention the special we're doing on coffee? Free fill ups..."

Geb: "Woah, alcohol and cheap coffee, a writer's dream. Throw in a cheap hooker and I'm sold."

*Everyone turns to look at Geb*

Geb: "Fine then, an expensive hooker, geez..."

Phantom: "I want my gun back!"

Waiter: "You will have your firearm returned to you once you leave. *turns to the others* So, is it singleplayer all round?"

Geb: *looks quizically at the waiter* "Do I know you?"

Waiter: "I do not believe so sir. I am quite sure I would remember such a...pungent...aroma..."

Geb: "Hey, I've been dragged through multiple universes, several dimensions and saved the world. It's not my fault that the writers haven't seen fit to give me a shower."

Waiter: "Quite. So singleplayer all round?"

Sem: "There's something odd here..."

Geb: "Look, I told you, it's the writers' fault I haven't had a shower!"

Sem: "It's not about's something elsewhere, elusive..."

*Sem looks up at the waiter*

Geb: "I do know you!"

*The waiter tries to make a hasty exit*

Geb: "Krig!"

*Krig grabs the waiter by the shoulder*

Krig: "Kring eat?"

Geb: "No Krig, not until we've established whether or not he's an important plot point..."

*Randy leans over and whispers to Antestarr*

Randy: "Plot?"

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