NeS1 Post 70 sees Antestarr leaves his assistant in charge of the secret asteroid warehouse while he goes to Ares' Colosseum on Earth to find who threw popcorn at him.


*Back in the warehouse, where there was just recently a mass genocide of slimes...*

Antestarr: Well, trusty assistant, I'm off to join the people at the battle of the century, and possibly get retribution for having to fight off hordes of slimes.

Assistant: How do you know that was where the popcorn was from, sir?

Antestarr: It was really quite simple. After I figured out the trajectory, judged the velocity of the popcorn, and put into account the various gravitational fields around the universe, I got very confused. Then I remembered watching the same bag of popcorn thrown from an arena on Pay-Per-View Channel 2548543. Now, I'm outta here, hold the fort, alright?

Assistant: Yes sir.

*The mysterious Antestarr, with flowing black cape and various arcane symbols adorning his garb, prepares for flight to find battle, glory, retribution, and money...*

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