NeS1 Post 693 opens with a brief Non-Story Note of thanks to Gebohq the Writer, from Krig the Writer, for breaking his Writers' Block. In the Writers' Realm where the PC Genie, whom the Writers met in NeS1 Post 691, grants the wish of Phantom_Master the Writer, which he made in NeS1 Post 690, and causes a gun to appear. The gun, and its ammunition, however, is digital, with the PC Genie being a digital genie. Moments before Otter the Writer could make a wish, and thereby, according to Gebohq the Writer, doom them all, Krig the Writer smacked him on the head and knocks him out. Instead, Gebohq the Writer wishes for the Massassi Temple Offices to be reconstructed in tact, for the Writers to return there, back to their normal selves, and that they have several million added to their bank accounts. While the first two parts of the wish happen cleanly, the money in their banks is in lire. They find that the Story is now in chaos and they must try to fix it. In the Story Realm, the asteroid is about to smash into the Earth but Enchilada Man arrives and uses the food-based weaponry of El Taco-Grande to force the asteroid to stop and save the people of Earth, leaving the asteroid in orbit.


(Geb: Thank you very much for releasing me from the shackles of writers block with your brilliant post. I will not let you down.)

*In the Real World of the Writers...*

PC Genie:"And so you shall have it, Phantom."

*The genies crosses his arms and blinks. An M16 appears in Phantoms hands, looking strangely digitized.*

*All around the world, children playing SS3[Ext 1] suddenly stop.*

Random SS3-playing-kid:"Hey, where the hello did my M16 go?"

Phantom, holding M16 (in German accent):"Vat? Thees gun is merely a digital illusion! Eet can-not hurt anyvone! Poo!"

PC Genie:"You people have one wish left."

Maybe the Writer:"One wish? Don't we get three?"

PC Genie:"I'm sorry, but I am Windows95-based[Ext 2]. I do not support the third wish capability."

Otter the Writer:"Ok, I wish for--"

*There is a crack noise, and Otter the Writer slumps to the ground, revealing Krig the Writer still behind him, with his fist still out from smacking Otter on the head.*

Geb:"Thanks, Krig, you've saved us from certain doom. Ok, Genie, I wish that five seconds from now we will be teleported back to our offices, un-animeitized[Ext 3], with our offices fully intact, and with five million in our bank accounts."

PC Genie:"Your wish is my command."

*PC Genie crosses his arms and blinks. Instantly, everyone is back in their offices in the undamaged Massassi Writer's building, fully human again.*

Geb the Writer:"Woohoo, I can see again, without those fishbowl anime eyes!"

Maybe the Writer:"Hey, let's check our bank accounts, we're gonna be rich!"

*Maybe logs into her computer.*

Maybe the Writer:"Aw, crap, we've got five million alright! Five million lira[Ext 4]!"

Geb the Writer:"I knew I should have specified!"

Losien the Writer:"Um, guys, you should probably see this..."

*Everyone crowds around Losien's computer, where she has opened the Never Ending Story.*

Losien the Writer:"It seems that while we were gone, the story went out of control... it's all my fault, I'm sorry."

Geb the Writer:"Who has been writing the story while we were gone?"

Sem the Writer (at his own computer):"It appears that, while we were gone, the data file which we store NeS in was corrupted, adding several thousand random characters. It appears that these random characters happened to form a semi-coherant plot..."

Geb the Writer:"Is that possible?"

Sem the Writer:"In an infinity of dimensions, everything is possible, right?"

Maybe the Writer:"I think the real question here is: Can we save this story?"

A dark and impending silence falls upon the writers. Suddenly, they turn to their computers and begin typing feverishly. What will be the result?


*Meanwhile, in the Story Realm...*

Ante:"I sense that a plothole has been narrowly averted, somehow..."

Sem, pointing at the rapidly growing Earth in the sky:"Which still doesn't change the fact that we're all about to die!"

*Everyone stares up at the sky, in a frightened silence.*

Random passerby:"Wait! Look! Up there in the sky! It's a bird--no, it's a plane--no, it's a taco! No, wait, it's Enchilada Man!!!"

*Up in the sky, a tiny glowing dot rapidly expands into the sillouette of Enchilada Man's spacecraft. The tinny voice of Enchilada man echoes out of the spacecraft's loudspeakers.*

Enchilada Man:"Fear not, populace, I have returned briefly to save the world! Please stay calm!"

*Enchilada Man positions his spacecraft directly between the earth and the rapidly closing asteroid that the Arena is on. Suddenly, a rapid-fire barrage of tacos spews from his ship's gun ports. The tacos pummel the asteroid for many minutes, until the asteroid comes to a complete stop.*

All good and evil combatants in the Arena:"Yay!"

What will happen, now that the Arena is in permanent orbit around the Earth? Will the bad guys and the good guys begin to fight? How will this affect the CTGCB game? Tune in next time for the exciting and though provoking continuation of NES!!


Britt's Commentary

""SS3 refers to the Space Soldiers[Ext 1] modification for the video game Jedi Knight[Ext 5] that was available on Massassi Temple." ~ Britt the Writer


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