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~[[Geb the Writer|Geb]]
~[[Geb the Writer|Geb]]
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NeS1 Post 690 is a Non-Story Post where Gebohq the Writer states that Semievil333 the Writer is away for the week and he can't think of what to write. So he commits a B.U.M.P. but also adds a second-hand quotation from Semievil333 the Writer that develops his previous comments on procrastination compared to masturbation in NeS1 Post 688.

Post Edit

(NSP: Urgh, Sem is out this week and I'm having trouble thinking of a good post myself. And it has to be a good one. Ermmm, sooo...uh...)



"Procrastination is like masterbation: In the end, you're just screwing yourself" -second-hand source from Semievil333


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