In NeS1 Post 69 Gebohq and Arbiter battle it out when they're interrupted by Geb's girlfriend in the bleachers who cheers on her boyfriend. Arbiter remarks on her breasts which spurs Gebohq into a jealous rage and he attacks like a madman. Rob X tries to hit on Geb's girlfriend but she smacks him moments before his own ex-girlfriend arrives and he's forced to run away from her.


*Gebohq and Arbiter continue to fight to the death, the crowd in the bleachers now screaming very loud at each attack the fighters made. Arbiter's attacks were very planned out, swinging slowly, but more heavily at Gebohq. Gebohq knew that he would have to be more wary than usual to be able to predict his opponents attacks. Up in the bleachers, a feminine voice could be heard.*

female voice: "Hi Gebby!"

*The two fighters stopped while Gebohq waved back, then sighed*

Arbiter: "Who's that?"

Gebohq: "My girlfriend. She's here to support me and all that."

*Arbiter looks at the woman in the bleachers, then turns back to Gebohq.*

Arbiter: "Man, she sure has a nice pair of..."

*Arbiter did not realize that no matter how skilled you were, it was no match for the wrath of a jealous boyfriend.*

Gebohq: "You will die for that!!!!"

*Gebohq then launched an attack so forceful it took every ounce of energy for Arbiter to defend himself. He knew this would pass however....hopefully. Meanwhile, at the bleachers...*

Rob X: (to Geb's girlfriend)"Hey, I lost my phone number. Can I borrow yours?"

*She proceeded to smack him on his face. He turned away, rubbing his face which was now red. He stopped in mid-stride, face turning white as one of his ex-girlfriends stood in front of him...*

Ex-girlfriend: "I found you!!!! Your never run from me now!"

Rob X: "Nooooo!!!"

*Rob ran frantically in the opposite direction with his ex right on his tail.*

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