NeS1 Post 68 finds Antestarr, a new Character, in his secret asteroid warehouse when blobs, which were banished from Ares' Colosseum in NeS1 Post 5, float in chasing a bag of popcorn. He vows vengeance on whoever sent the monsters before he then kills them all with a gigantic salt shaker.


*Meanwhile, in a warehouse just outside of the solar system...*

Mysterious voice: I don't care how you do it so long as his...

*Owner of mysterious voice catches flying bag of popcorn*

Mysterious voice: What in the name of all that is sacred is a bag of popcorn doing flying into my abandoned warehouse?

*A rather large mob of small slime creatures proceeds to burst through the door*

Mysterious voice: Great, just when my plans were about to come to fruition, some bozo sends the evil slimey thingies after me. I, Antestarr, shall proceed to vanquish these slimes and find the ones responsible for such sacrelige!

*Antestarr grabs what has to be one of the largest salt shakers ever seen by mortals*

Antestarr: Okay, who wants to sizzle?

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