NeS1 Post 688 is a Non-Story Post wherein Gebohq the Writer condemns CookedHaggis the Writer as evil due to him posting just a B.U.M.P. instead of a real post in NeS1 Post 686. He also comments that RabidPlatypus the Writer is silly for writing a Spooky Taco style post, with NeS1 Post 687.


(NSP: Ohhhh you're eeevil Cookedhaggis. Waiting to post...And silly RabidPlatypus, your spooky taco-like posting on NeS, hehe. Oh yeah, and since I'm on my spring break now, I'll try to post some actual stuff. Just not now. Prcrastination is like masterbation...I'll let you all try to figure that one out hehe)



Britt's Commentary

"The Spooky Taco would become a feature of a later chapter in NeS continuity, but before then it was its own entity as a separate, independent story thread." ~ Britt the Writer

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