NeS1 Post 679 returns to the Story Realm where the NeS Heroes are battling the villains in a "Capture the Giant Chicken Bone" game. Gebohq Simon and MaybeChild managed to find a quiet spot on the battlefield as they contemplated a plan to win the game and stop Ares' Colosseum from crashing into the planet Earth and killing everyone. Gebohq comes up with a plan but insists he must whisper it to MaybeChild else the audience would hear the plan and it wouldn't work.


*In the world of the largely forgotten actual storyline, a deadly game of CTGCB[Ext 1] (Capture the Giant Chicken Bone) is raging. Chaos reigns on the battlefield, chaos so chaotic that it is almost like... something chaoticky.*

*Down on the battlefield, Gebohq and Maybechild have found an oasis of calm in the raging battle, the top of the hill that holds the enemy's flag--er--giant chickenbone. Perhaps because of a lack of strategy on our heroes' part, this is the only place nobody is trying to get to.*

Maybe:"How much time do you think we have before we crash into the Earth and die in a horrible fireball of death, along with the entire population of our home planet?"

*In the background, Semievil swings a gigantic broken teapot at Darkside's head. Darkside cowers in fear of the giant broken teapot.*

Geb, looking up at the looming, rapidly approaching Earth in the sky: "Well, judging by the rate that the Earth appears to be getting bigger, I'd say ten, fifteen minutes before all of humanity is extinguished."

*Semievil runs by with Burby00 gnawing on his ear, yelling "Get it off, get it off!"*

Maybe:"Good, fifteen minutes, that'll give us time to win this game of Capture the Giant Chickenbone and vanquish the Evil Dreamteam from Hell for once and for all!"

*Mr. Slick runs by with Krig gnawing on his ear, yelling "Get it off, get it off!"*

*Geb thinks for a moment, then a lightbulb appears above his head, signifying that he has an idea.*

Maybe:"You have an idea?"

Geb:"Yes, I have a plan that should allow us to both win the game of Capture the Giant Chickenbone as well as save the Earth and us from annihilation. Let me whisper it to you."

Maybe:"Why can't you just say it out loud?"

Geb:"Don't you ever watch TV? If I say it out loud for the audience to hear, it's doomed to fail for certain! However, if I merely whisper it to you, with no-one knowing what I say, we are garunteed success!"

*Geb whispers to Maybe, and the camera pans out to show the destruction that is the Arena.*

Whatever will happen this time? Has NES been revived? Or will this just be another futile attempt at ressurection? Only time will tell...


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