In NeS1 Post 67 Grand Admiral Thrawn and his Imperial fleet have stalled to wait for Ares, God of War, to complete his arena duels. Thrawn, however, is getting impatient. Back on Earth, Galvatron has moved from the bleachers in Ares' Colosseum to a little known island to watch the battles on pay-per-view with sexy anime women he gets to command around.


*Meanwhile, more than a month has passed in the Sol system, where the New Republic and Imperial forces have stopped in mid-battle to wait for the conclusion of Ares' challange to all bad writers. Onboard the Chimera, the Grand Admiral Thrawn is growing impatient...*

Thrawn: "It's been over a month since Ares has made us stop this battle for his own pleasure! I want to get on with this battle already so I can move on with more important things..."

#1 officer: "But there's something more, isn't there?"

Thrawn: "Well...I'm just not feeling as loved as I was before. I(sniff)...I want to be involved. They don't write about us anymore! I FEEL SO UNLOVED!"*starts crying on officer's soldier*

Officer: "There there...just let it all out..."


*On the planet Earth on a little place known as Drazen Isle[Ext 1], Galvatron is watching the fight on Pay-per-view, surrounded by beautiful anime women.*

Galvatron: "ahhhh....much better than the hot bleachers. Sailor Mercury[Ext 2]!"

Sailor Mercury: "Yes my master?"

Galv: "Bend over so I can see....see you better."

*She precedes to do as he asked.*

Galv: "definately better than the bleachers..."


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