NeS1 Post 65 demonstrates Ares pay-per-view TV plan for making money off of the fights in the arena. Gebohq and Arbiter continue their lightsaber duel with Arbiter initially taking the advantage but Gebohq making a come back. In the bleachers Rob X tries to make a 'hot' joke about Miss Fire but Galvatron, oblivious, points out that they're in a volcano.


*While Gebohq and Arbiter duke it out, the audience now sees a TV with cool camera angles of the fight.*

voice from TV: "It's the battle of the century! Gebohq vs. Arbiter! And you can see it right now only on Pay-per-view! Only $9.95, on refunds accepted."

*Meanwhile, Gebohq continues to barely block Arbiter's attacks. But Geb finds it hard to keep this up as Arbiter swings from above, then from the left, then from the right, swings in a circle as he ducks and attacks from the right again. Arbiter then scathes Gebohq's right shoulder. Gebohq falls in pain, Arbiter points his saber at Geb's neck.*

Arbiter: "All too easy."

*Gebohq then pushes Arbiter's lightsaber away with his own, rolls to his side, gets up and swings at Arbiter's legs, which caught him by surprise. Arbiter managed to block it though and the fight went on. Gebohq hopes someone will be willing to fight Arbiter soon, for he had already fought two others and he was growing tired.*

*Meanwhile, on the bleachers...*

Rob X: "Is it just me or is it hot in here" *Rob was trying to make a joke about Miss Fire, a bad one at that.*

Galvatron: "Well we are in the middle of a volcano." *He points at the arena, noting the lava pits surrounding the arena.* Could someone do something about the air conditioning?"

Rob X: "I didn't mean that...awww forget it."

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