NeS1 Post 649 is a Non-Story Post wherein Gebohq the Writer welcomes Phantom_Master the Writer to the group and mimics the sentiment of Randy the Writer, in NeS1 Post 647, encouraging creativity and silliness. He then also welcomes back Highemperor the Writer but laments that he, himself, has Writers' Block.


(NSP: w00t! Another writer! Welcome aboard, Phantom_Master. Like Randy said, just keep the NeS spirit in mind (in other words, as long as duct tape has a significant role, you can't go too wrong :) hehe) Be off the wall, be creaive and original, and if something doesn't turn out great, plug in a plothole and blame everything that went wrong on "They", or something like that. Hope to see more of your posts. And welcome back Highemp. Now if only I could get out of my writer's block...)


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