In NeS1 Post 64, the CEOs of movie companies are closing in on Arbiter and Gebohq for copyright infringement but Arbiter manipulates their minds so that they leave. The two of them then return to their arena duel.


*the CEOs of the film companies close in on arbiter and geb. Arbiter holds out his fist and extends his index finger. A small whtie beam shoots from the finger and hitd the ground near the CEOs. They freeze*

Arbiter: I do not think you want to do that.<waves his hand in Jedi fashion> You will drop all charges and walk away.

CEOs: We have dropped all chrages and you may proceed with your fight. Sorry to have bothered you.

*With that, the CEOs walk away and are never heard from again. Arbiter turns back to Geb, and flicks on his saber*

Arbiter: Have at you!

*Arbiter runs forward, jumps, and comes down with a vicious cross-slash. Gebohq jsut barely gets his saber up in time to deflct the slash. Geb sees this will be a hard fight*

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