In NeS1 Post 63 Arbiter and Gebohq begin to fight using a great deal of copyrighted material from various movie franchises until Gebohq becomes afraid that they're going to get sued. A top lawyer, Jonny Cochran, arrives to help defend them however.


Arbiter, now with the chance to finally fight, decides to incorperate yet another element in the fight: the fighting style of the Matrix[Ext 1]!

Arbiter: "I will enjoy watching you die Mr. G."

Gebohq: "The name is Geb!"

They begin to fight. While fighting, the speed at which they fought often slowed down for them, each of their punches and kicks were nicely coreographed, and the two continued ripping off lines from the movie.

They eventually grew tired of that and started pulling referances to Terminator[Ext 2], Predator[Ext 3], Monty Python[Ext 4]. The list of ripoffs grew until at last all the companies in charge of the movies came to threaten them.

Gebohq: "Awww crap! We're gonna be sued!"

Arbiter: "Wait! No need to fear! Jonny Cochrane[Ext 5] will be here!"

He then proceeds to prepare for a painful court session.


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